Voice cast

We have an extensive list of male, female and children’s voices you can choose from when looking for a perfect voice for your audio-or video-material. All our actors are either professional actors or announcers or individuals with ample experience of work in recording studios who have undergone special training we provide.  You’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing a native speaker of Russian or Ukrainian languages. We also have a list of employees who are native speakers of other languages or those for whom a certain language is their second mother tongue.


A popular post-production service when a recorded translation of an original material is superimposed on the video. The audience hears the music and sounds of the original video. A lighter, quicker and cheaper version of dubbing that keeps the feel of the source material.


Dubbing is a variant of voice-over in which we create an audiogram of a video material translated into a different language when the original talking is replaced with a newly recorded dialogues and accompanying sounds. 


Subtitles are written recordings of an original text either in the language of the original or in another language. It allows the foreign audience to follow the content of the video hearing the original text simultaneously.


Captioning is a variant of subtitling usually intended for persons with impaired hearing. It includes not only the speech on the video but also notes on the other sounds, e.g. steps, knocks, gunshots etc. Such details enhance the realistic feel of the video.


We will be happy to provide high-quality translations of your original materials from/to main European languages.


Our dedicated team of editors controls grammatical, linguistic and semantic correctness of the translated texts and makes sure the demands of the local audience are met. When working on documentaries or popular science movies we also engage technical consultants in different spheres of science/industry/knowledge to ensure the factual exactness of the final product.


Some media products need adaptations for the local markets. We’ve successfully adapted a wide range of movies and series broadcasted in countries of the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and/or elsewhere in the world mainly for the Russian-speaking audience.